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Green Wall


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Nature is your habitat. Able to adapt to any situation. You believe in yourself because you know you can. You take care of what surrounds you with love and excitement. You love the little things: a barbecue with friends or a camping in a hidden cove. Behold the stars. Listen to a story. Live.

Quality Details

Unfortunately not everything in life is traveling and dancing, we also have to deal with work routines and studies that we have all day from here to there so our slippers offer ergonomic templates that cushion and absorb impacts to ensure Maximum comfort.

They also have another extra template integrated in the middle of the sole just before the drawing of the recycled tyre, which provides comfort and unbeatable comfort. You will want to take them to work, to travel cities on a trip and to get out of Cancaneo. Once you try them out, the really hard part is going to be that you take them off.

That's why the sole has been sewn directly to the shoe in order to make it more durable and resistant. The thread goes in contrast to the sole according to the color of the shoe, the interior is made with a special microfiber that improves breathability, the shoelaces made in cotton, as well as many small details that make them a product Unbeatable.

Animal Free & Recycled Cotton

The quality of some shoes should not be linked to the death of millions of animals. We are convinced of this and thanks to this material manufactured 100% with recycled cotton we manage, on the one hand, not to unnecessarily use animal skins and on the other hand contribute to the recycling of all kinds of products.

Using recycled cotton saves energy, water and pesticide use. It is estimated that about 1000 liters of water would be needed to make some slippers during the entire growth process of that cotton. We save these liters thanks to using recycled material.

Recycled cotton is made up of cotton that was recovered from conventional cotton processing, which would otherwise end up as landfill waste.

In addition, aggressive chemicals are not used in the processing of recycled cotton. Therefore, recycling protects the environment from large amounts of wastewater and toxic products. Which are, unfortunately, still very common in the conventional manufacture of clothing.

Nor does the touch and beauty of natural skin be renounced, but with a clear awareness of knowing that you are contributing to ending the business of animal skins.

Tyre Sole

45% of tires manufactured for the engine industry have accumulated in untreated landfills. From Selbi we want to be part of the solution to this problem and bet on the use in our process of manufacturing recycled tires, being pioneers in the use of the same for our soles.

The rubber is an elastic material, resistant and durable, and other brands discard it because of its high cost. Our soles will be of this material, each one with a different drawing according to the used tyre.

Each sole, each shoe, will be unique. There will be two equals, they will have a history, a few kilometers behind and many steps ahead.

Made in Spain

The quality standards in Spain are much higher and for this reason we manufacture here, we bet on the local, for a craftsmanship with which we feel identified.

In Selbi we do not want to reduce costs at the expense of contributing to labor exploitation in underdeveloped countries or give up a maximum quality of our slippers due to the few controls, and therefore the Selbi are created in a small factory in Elche (Alicante).

Being able to be part of the production process and working closely with our workshop allows us to have absolute control over manufacturing, and this results in the final product "Made with Love". And we are passionate about taking care of every detail, from the box to the soles, past the laces, the labels, the motifs and the templates.


The estimated delivery time for Europe is 2-5 business days from when you place the order. These terms may vary for reasons beyond our control depending on the destination or the delegation of transport responsible for delivery.


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7 reviews for Green Wall

  1. Sebas

    I still do not have them, but as soon as they leave I want them on.
    Not only for its aesthetic or comfort, but for the initiative you have had, to do something more natural and contribute to the sustainability of our planet.

  2. Anonymous

    Aesthetically these are beautiful shoes! However there are two things that can be improved. The soles are very smooth and have barely any grip. The insoles are also not comfortable. They feel very hard. I have put in softer insoles from different shoes that have more cushioning and they are much more comfortable now. The colour is also different from pictured. The green of the shoe is much darker, and the mandala decorative bits are in shades of white, burgundy, pink and green rather than brown and orange as it looks on the website. These shoes are still beautiful and a great concept! My review are some suggestions to take in mind to improve them even more.

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  5. Caitlín (verified owner)

  6. Léna Pichard (verified owner)

  7. Joanne Smith (verified owner)

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