Eco-sustainable zero impact of Carbon Footprint

Selbi holds on to a maxim: to be a company that is primarily responsible. That is why we have proposed something more than to finish with our Carbon Footprint, we have a clear objective: to reach the Zero CO2 on the planet.

Positive impact
on the environment

From its manufacturing to its total decomposition, a pair of sneakers generates more than 30lbs of CO2 emissions, making the problem of climate change worse. That’s why in Selbi we are committed to help reducing 220lbs of emissions for every pair we sell: 33lbs make up for the product’s life cycle while the 187lbs remaining will reduce the impact of other activities related to our work: transport, electricity…

How will we do that? Linking our sales with the Cero CO2 association we will earmark, for each pair, enough money to the projects Cero CO2 has in developing countries like Peru, Brazil or some others in Africa.
To make it clear: we will donate as much as necessary in order that each project can reduce 220lbs of CO2 emissions.

Why in developing countries? We share the opinion of Cero CO2: developed countries like Spain have strong economies and the right tools so as to reduce their own carbon footprint, but others in Africa, America or Asia haven’t. It’s our duty to help and collaborate with the aim of reducing their carbon footprint.

There are no nations! There is only humanity. And if we don’t come to understand that right soon, there will be no nations, because there will be no humanity

— Isaac Asimov