Manufactured soles
with recycled tyres

Selbi stands on a maximum: to be a responsible company first and foremost. That is why we have set out more than ending our Carbon Footprint, we have a clear goal: to achieve Zero CO2 on the planet.

Positive impact
in the environment

We are all aware of the massive amount of tyres that are manufactured to supply the automotive industry, only in Spain are 250,000 tons of used tyres generated every year. Now, what happens when they stop being used? The sad reality is that it is one of the most serious environmental problems in the world.

The 45 accumulates in untreated landfills, causing “cemeteries” with mountains of tyres that form reefs where rodents and insects proliferate. In these places mosquitoes are reproduced that transmit by bites fevers and encephalitis, being 4000 times greater their proliferation in the stagnant water of a tire than in nature. Another 40 is uncontrolled and eliminated by practices such as direct burning, which causes high pollution due to emissions of gases containing harmful particles.

From Selbi we want to be part of the solution to this problem and bet on the use in our process of manufacturing recycled tires, being pioneers in the use of the same for our soles. The rubber is an elastic material, resistant and durable, and other brands discard it because of its high cost. Our soles will be of this material, each one with a different drawing according to the used tyre. Each sole, each shoe, will be unique. There will be two equals, they will have a history, a few kilometers behind and many steps ahead.

The innovation required to create the future will not come from a single source. Not about science, not technology, not governments, not business, but all of us. We must take advantage of the collective power of unconventional alliances to redefine how we will prosper in the future.

— Hannah Jones